Sometimes I believe that my clear, true and feeling INTENTION will make the Universe deliver what I want. That there really is something about the Law of Attraction. Like if I’m having a great day or a shitty day, it’s […]

The Space Between your Thoughts – How to HAVE or ...

I used to be 110%. At least. Pushing. Over-doing. Over-giving. Over-talking. Over-eating. Trying to rest before I was completely exhausted (-20%) was impossible because of my anxiety and feeling guilty for resting. I’m still recovering from this overdrive. I still […]


BREATHING in .                           .                            .           A few                      MAJOR                   Meaningful   Thoughts           […]

A mind in silence

The short answer is: as much as you want. Daily if you can.   The longer answer follows. Knowing how illuminating yoga practice can be, in any state you’re in, and how much deeper and more TRANSFORMATIVE the practice will […]

When should you practice yoga?

Take notice what you’re saying to others, also the words in your head. (Know that) You’re talking to yourself.        

Notice your words

It’s a common instruction in yoga and meditation practices to do self-inquiry, by observing yourself and asking yourself: WHO AM I?   Am I the BODY?   Am I the thoughts?   Am I the emotions?   If I’m not […]

I don’t know who I am – reflections on self-inquiry

I was having brunch in my kitchen, with all kinds of food available, nothing lacking really. I tried everything from porridge to ice cream to chocolate to fruit to potatoes to liver paté. I WAS FULL, BUT I WASN’T SATISFIED. […]

Resistance – the origin of dissatisfaction

To learn something new, especially something that challenges your comfort zone of ingrained patterns, you need to open the mind to LET GO OF your own ego, YOUR WILLINGNESS to be RIGHT. That’s easier the more you listen to and […]

How to not follow the teacher’s instructions

Have you noticed how some days you’re sooo out of flow and some days you’re in it? The non-flow days when EVERYTHING seems to go wrong, you’re stumbling and frustrated and feeling off track. Like you’re not doing the right […]

FLOW – and how to get there. Part 1