I’ll talk to you about some insights I’ve made these last weeks, all of them dropping in when I was at home for a week, sick in stomach-flu and its aftermaths. These insights are all about your ENERGY, your life-energy, […]

Raising your energy

5 yogic tips to clear out your body by the end of a cold: coughing in downward facing dog pose clears the mucus from your airways easier than standing upright dynamic spinal twists helps the mucus to move out of your […]

Clear out your cold with yoga

Warning! This post takes off from a story of suicide, so if that’s not what you want to read today, then please, don’t. Although the post talks more about the mind and the (dis)ability to shift perspective. —     […]

When believing your thoughts is disaster

I believe in healing. And I believe in you.   Let me explain… Healing – the journey of becoming whole I don’t mean I believe everything that is called “healing” always works to free people from physical, emotional, mental ailments. […]

Healing – we’re in it together

Chasing myself All my life, I’ve felt like I’m not where I “should” be, that I’m always behind, having failed in achieving a goal that some part of me obviously must have set. A feeling of never doing enough. As […]

Maybe we’re not supposed to push through

The shadows I felt it coming. Not surprising really, I’ve always had an affinity for nakedness and the vulnerable. Although vulnerability has been strictly forbidden by my ego. My subconscious is programmed to “Whatever you do, don’t show yourself!!! Make […]

The inevitable: Vulnerability

I remember the day, when my niece showed me (again) how to OWN the BODY. Being self-evident, natural, AS SHE IS. Owning her body and her VULNERABILITY. After her noontime nap, when her parents and brother had gone away for […]

Owning your space or giving it up

In my experience, there are two levels of self-love that are connected and feeding or facilitating eachother. These two levels open for different methods of self-love practice, and different ways to experience self-love. (Want to dive straight into practice? Sign […]

DOing & BEing – 2 levels of self-love