I used to be 110%. At least.

Pushing. Over-doing. Over-giving. Over-talking. Over-eating.

Trying to rest before I was completely exhausted (-20%) was impossible because of my anxiety and feeling guilty for resting.

I’m still recovering from this overdrive. I still forget. I still see this overdrive personality in action quite a lot.

(That crazy-head personality was the reason I turned to yoga. To get out of what was not me. But that’s another story.)


Recently, I was introduced to the 70%. Thank God.


So, what’s the 70%?

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, using 70% of effort in everything is a way to keep your ENERGY storage (the kidneys) and the entire body HEALTHY. It’s the way to go to NOT BURN OUT.

Work and exercise to 70% of your effort. Eat until you’re 70% full. Go to sleep when you still have 30% of your energy left.

I find the 70% guideline applicable to everything.

Reminding myself of 70% helps me RELAX. Instantly. I find SPACE and EASE when I’m not pushing it further. And I get more out of life when I’m not blocking myself with the tension of trying to go about at 100% all the time.

Even when I rest or try to relax and enjoy myself in some way, I’ve had some perfectionistic idea that it should be at least 100% relaxing, 100% fun or 100% whatever fantastic and unrealistic I could imagine.

In reality, I experience something different, something that cannot really be graded on a percentage scale. If it’s 1% or 100% depends on my perspective.

Nevertheless, reminding myself of the 70% helps me relax into whatever is, being happy with the experience however it turns out.

The not forcing myself gives me space to ENJOY and be HAPPY.

The 70% rule was introduced to me by my lovely yin yoga teacher Sofie Ringsten. Thank you Sofie! You can read her take on the 70% rule here.


TRY the 70% rule for a day or two and come back to share your experience below!



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