I am…

…passionate about the connection of the physical BODY with mind, soul and the universe around me.

…growing, evolving out of the suffering and blindness of the past, into living more fully, more daring to be me, more in line with my heart’s longing and the calling to serve.


Once I was…

…anxious, disconnected from parts of myself and from other people, stressed out, eating disordered, in an infinite emotional roller-coaster, imprisoned by my rational mind and very much off-track.


I turned to…

…yoga and body-mind transformation through tantric practices***. Starting out, it took some time for my nervous system to settle down so I could feel the truly transformational power of these practices.

I’ve had times when I’ve drudged myself through boredom and not-feeling-like-practicing; still doing my practice, every time being rewarded with important insights and a greater well-being (a kind of flat word to describe the deep contentment, love, space & ground I’ve felt after practice).


Am I “cured”, “perfect” and always blissful?

No. The journey continues, every day is a step on the way, growing and evolving into more love, more health, more happiness, more me.


What’s the point of this website?

To spread the love. Seriously.

To help you by-pass the prison of your mind, through the body. To help you feel and be better; truly and in the long run.

For years, I’ve tried to avoid exposing myself in this way to serve you. God, have I been afraid!

But the thoughts about this inner journey and this work kept coming back to me so I thought “Well, guess I got to do it then…”

And here I am, trying to find ways to (finally?) be of service to you. You who need this.

You who need this have a heart that’s aching for something different than what you’re living in today. Your inside tells you it’s time to take the next step. You’ve known you need to for quite a while, and you’ve tried to get there by thinking about it, trying to mobilize your willpower to change it. But it doesn’t work the way you were hoping for.


Are you…

* spending most of your time IN YOUR HEAD, not paying much attention to the needs or the wisdom of your body?

* feeling STRESSED a lot?

* in physical or emotional PAIN, feeling it’s high time to do something about it?

* feeling STUCK with a behavior, an addiction or life pattern that you can’t seem to get rid of?

* just purely CURIOUS about the possibilities of tapping into your bodily wisdom, developing your understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection?

* wanting to live more fully, experiencing MORE of life, through your senses and your awareness?


You’re in the right place! 


My work. . .

… is dedicated to personal development THROUGH the BODY. Coming to peace with the mind and strengthening the spirit-connection through body-mind PRACTICES. 

YOGA is the foundation of my work.


What are these body-mind practices for?

Different practices have different effects and targets different issues. Some of the effects that can be experienced through these body-mind practices are:

* increased physical health and well-being

* increased awareness of your body, mind and the connections with other people and the world around you

* a deeper connection with yourself (leading to better connections with others)

* decreased anxiety/depression

* decreased compulsive behaviors and addictions

* increased satisfaction in relationships, sex, work, finances

* a stronger connection with your intuition and inner calling


Ultimately, understanding and coming into closer connection with you, is the way to change not only yourself, but change the world. I believe everything in the outside world is an expression of our (collective) inside world.

“If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.”

-Lao Tsu


Or in the words of Michael Jackson (from “Man in the Mirror”):

“If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change.”


What kind of practices will I find here?

The tools, working with the BODY-MIND-SPIRIT connection, are yoga asanas, meditation, tantric philosophy and practices and many other kind of non-labeled body-mind practices.

Physical exercises, breathing, self-inquiry, pleasure and sex are some of the ingredients in this soup.


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What I do

I’m a yogini & yoga teacher**, in constant OBSERVATION and EXPLORATION of my own BODY, MIND and connection with SPIRIT, looking for ways to make life easier and more meaningful, but not necessarily less challenging… CHALLENGES are how we grow!

I believe in conscious DEVELOPMENT, a conscious evolution of the human species, through inner PERSONAL GROWTH.

Clearing the way back to my core, a more unconditioned, fearless and AUTHENTIC version of me. To enjoy more of the life that I’m blessed with. To be more of service to a higher good.

I believe in CONSCIOUS PLEASURE, I believe in PEACE, I believe in CHAOS. And the ENERGY that carries us through it all.

Sometimes I’m in FLOW, sometimes I’m a CONFUSED MESS. When nothing else works, I BREATHE.


** For more info about my yoga teaching, classes etc, please visit oneyogaschool.com


On my way here…

Before landing in YOGA TEACHING and working with the body-mind-spirit connection, I worked as a consultant in hydrogeology and polluted grounds. Way before that I had a bunch of different jobs, mainly teaching (Chemistry/Physics/Maths) and caring for old and disabled people.

NATURAL SCIENCES have been my base of study, having a Master’s degree in Geosciences. It serves me in my understanding of the body, physiology and the interconnectedness with the universe around.

Years ago, I was a lot into singing and writing MUSIC, but I ended up putting the music INTO the BODY through DANCE and YOGA.


For the extra-curious

I’m from Sweden, having visited and lived in countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Latin America.

I live with a man and our beloved little daughter and I am grateful and challenged every day. Intimate RELATIONSHIPS are challenging, but incredibly and wonderfully important for personal growth and WELL-BEING

CONNECTION is what we are and what we NEED.



My Teachers & Trainings in short


I’ve practiced a range of different yoga styles, in dedicated practice for the last 10 years. Since 2013 I’ve been teaching yoga (mainly vinyasa and yin yoga). Among my teachers and influences are: Chad Hamrin, Katy Appleton, Michael Stone, Sianna Sherman, Simon Krohn, Chitra Sukhu, Kia Miller, Ateeka, Jai.C.Salt, Sofie Ringsten, Tara Judelle, Raghunath.

For more info on my yoga training & teaching, please visit oneyogaschool.com


Alex Vartman, Bea Dominic & Puja Lepp (The New Tantra), Eugene Hedlund (The School of Tribal Tantra), Barbara Carrellas, Layla Martin, Ronja Sebastian & Roald Penning (Tantric Living), Carl-Johan Rehbinder, Paulien van Ellen, Marya Norell.

I’m also trained in hands-on therapeutics through Ayurvedic Yoga Stretch Massage and Access Consciousness “The Bars”.


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