Clear out your cold with yoga

5 yogic tips to clear out your body by the end of a cold:

  • coughing in downward facing dog pose clears the mucus from your airways easier than standing upright
  • dynamic spinal twists helps the mucus to move out of your body, even from parts of the lungs where the mucus is not so easily released when being still
  • breathing through your nose: although it’s more difficult with a cold, when you try to do it anyway, it helps opens the nasal cavity and breathing is more easy
  • use a neti pot to clear your nose (it looks weird the first time you see it, but no fear! it works wonders and is easy to do). I recommend this one.
  • ayurvedic teas that I find to be working well (for short-term relief): Yogi Tea Throat Comfort to soothe and clear the throat & Yogi Tea Breathe Deep to open up the airways

Easy yoga (as much as you feel good doing) and any movement that’s not too tough for your system I find much better than being still for too long. Being gently active (and take time for sleep and rest) will make you feel better faster.


If you’d like to try out B.K.S. Iyengar’s recipes to treat colds and coughs, check out his book “Light on Yoga”. Here are the poses he prescribes:










Cover photo by Neil Ta | I am Bidong


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