DOing & BEing – 2 levels of self-love

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In my experience, there are two levels of self-love that are connected and feeding or facilitating eachother. These two levels open for different methods of self-love practice, and different ways to experience self-love.

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Level I. The level of the self – the level of doing/thinking of the body-mind


This is the self-love coming from willpower, an act or thought from the wiser part of myself who want all good for the human being that I am. This level of self-love is connected to the body and the personality.

This kind of self-love can in some cases be seen as the Inner Parent lovingly taking care of the Inner Child, in other cases Your Inner Lover lovingly loving your pants off!

On this level of self-love, other emotions can be experienced simultaneously. To name a few: fear, sadness, disappointment and dissatisfaction.


Level II. The level of the Self – the level of BEING


This is the self-love that IS just LOVE or the experience of love. It’s the BEING that is the weave of the Universe, the all-encompassing love, peace, grounding and satisfaction that we all can tap into in a state of meditation.

This level of Self-love is a grounding in BEING. Being in a BODY, being on Earth, being part of everything, connected, whole, nothing missing. Being HERE. Being OK. Being LOVE.

On this level of (self-)love there is NO FEAR. There is nothing missing, no dissatisfaction and no stress. It’s a state of MEDITATION.


The two levels of self-love feed and facilitate eachother. The being love state (level 2) will heal and change the state of your thoughts and actions (level 1) to become more grounded, stable and loving.

Consciously trying to do good to and for yourself will allow for you to practice and experience the state of being/love (level 2).


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