FLOW – and how to get there. Part 1

Have you noticed how some days you’re sooo out of flow and some days you’re in it?

The non-flow days when EVERYTHING seems to go wrong, you’re stumbling and frustrated and feeling off track. Like you’re not doing the right thing and you know it. At least you can FEEL it.

The flow days when it seems like THE UNIVERSE, God, whatever you believe in, is ON YOUR SIDE. When everything seems to FALL INTO PLACE. When things just come to you and turn out to be what you wanted. The feeling of support “from above”. Maybe even EFFORTLESSNESS.

Did you ever wonder why you aren’t in flow ALL of the time? And how to get back into it? Read on.

First, let’s talk about the role of EMOTIONS and the feeling of MEANINGFULNESS.

What happens when you go AGAINST your emotions and follow the THOUGHTS that tell you “you MUST do this” or that, even if you don’t want to and it doesn’t even feel meaningful? Or when you go against your emotions to follow SOMEBODY ELSE’S wish or recommendation and it doesn’t feel meaningful (for you)?

This is what happens: it takes you way AWAY from YOUR PATH. It takes you away from FLOW!

But IF you feel that the boring, tough or scary task that you’re doing actually IS meaningful in some way, and the right thing to do for you right NOW… that changes the whole scene! Tasks, conversations and situations may be TOUGH as hell and bring you the most DIFFICULT emotions to deal with, but STILL feel MEANINGFUL underneath it all. Like it’s a STEP on your PATH that needs to be walked through to get to where you’re going.

It’s all about doing “the RIGHT THING”. And how do you know what that right thing is?

Truth is, you don’t always know. But sometimes you know very well and very clear, like a loud voice in your head repeatedly telling you what you should do. That voice, and your emotions, are leading you onto your path.

WHEN YOU DON’T KNOW; pick one, try it out, and you’ll FEEL if it’s wrong or not. No clear indication? Stay aware and listening within, and keep doing what you’re doing. When you’re off track you’ll eventually feel it clearly, if you aren’t aware of (or ignoring) your inner guidance like your emotions, your body will eventually tell you clearly that you’re off track by forcing you to a halt. You’ll get sick or burned out or something on the way there (headaches, irritable bowels, sleeplessness etc). To avoid ending up there, practice AWARENESS, starting with the awareness of your physical body and your mind (your thoughts and emotions).

HOW COME not doing the right thing for you in a certain moment takes you away from flow? Because your thoughts will be somewhere else and your emotions will scream you’re off track, so as not to let you focus your concentration calmly on your tasks. Focused concentration and full presence are important ingredients making up the flow state.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll FORGET your path now and then, get off-track and feel confused and unhappy. To not lose your way so easily, CHECK IN with yourself EVERY DAY, like having a meeting with yourself every morning or evening. It may be through yoga practice, meditation, contemplation, prayer or some other way to become PRESENT with yourself and the life you’re in.

Become as present as you can with your inner landscape and REMEMBER that you have a path that’s yours, and your task is to find it.

It doesn’t have to be hard, but for some (especially those of us that tend to get stuck in our head, ignoring emotions and intuition), we MAKE it hard.

But as one of my teachers said: “Life is a conspiracy to wake you up”. Through hardships and ease, it’s all a conspiracy to WAKE YOU UP!

In other words: Life will help you out. Life will show you where to go and where to not hang out anymore. You’re here to PARTICIPATE, you’re part of it, you’re part of us.

We’re all in it to WAKE UP.


Keep your eyes open for part 2, 3, 4, we’ll see, in this series! All for FLOW!



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