Healing – we’re in it together

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I believe in healing.

And I believe in you.


Let me explain…

Healing – the journey of becoming whole

I don’t mean I believe everything that is called “healing” always works to free people from physical, emotional, mental ailments. Or that anyone that’s calling herself a “healer” will heal everyone that comes to them for help.

Everyone that goes to a medical doctor doesn’t get healing or help either, but that’s not what I’m going to talk about now.

When I say I believe in healing, I mean I believe it’s part of our nature to seek WHOLENESS.

I believe we’re wired for CONNECTION, which also means we’re wired to become whole; physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, spiritually (these are just words that we’ve made up to talk about different aspects of the same thing, kind of like talking about an orange describing the pieces like the orange-peel, the skin surrounding the juicy segments, the white pith etc, all of which are part of the same orange-“system”).

Searching for a healer

Since I was a teenager I’ve been looking for ways to feel better, wanting to understand myself and why I am the way I am and feel the way I feel.

I guess that’s how I’ve been looking for healing, whether I was aware of it or not.

During my many years of searching for answers, I’ve held the subconscious belief that someone else will be able to “fix” me and know all the answers to my questions. A longing I’ve had to be fully and completely seen and understood.

Many years and teachers, healers, books, blogs and TED-talks later, I still haven’t met anyone else who has been having all the answers to my questions, who completely understood me or could make my problems go away.

Thinking about it, I’ve never gotten a complete answer to a question about myself and my problems from another person, although other people’s answers, energy and behavior have been pieces in my puzzle and pushed the answers forward from within me. My mind is still the one to approve or disapprove of other people’s answers.

Nonetheless I have found healing.

Together we are the healers

Through yoga practice I’ve found the healing that comes through the light of my own presence.

Through prayer, life circumstances (God), and moments of heartfelt connection with other people, I’ve found healing.

Other people have facilitated the healing of my emotional wounds that would have been difficult or impossible to heal alone. The connection and healing within me many times seems to be tied to connections to people around me.

When the heart meets the heart.

Other people are facilitators and mirrors for my healing, just like I can be a mirror and facilitator for them.


Connection with other people has been essential to heal parts of myself. Healing has only taken place when I’ve opened up and taken the steps forward towards my own healing. It’s happened when I’ve become vulnerable and allowed love and people in.

Healing has not happened when I’ve been closed off from connection, or dumping the responsibility for my healing on another person.

Maybe there are miracle healings, angels and such helping out, but I don’t know about that.

In my experience, I can never place the responsibility for my healing completely outside of myself. Giving up my own part in the healing is my victim mentality and that doesn’t do me any good.

In some circumstances, like with serious medical issues, we may depend a lot on someone else, but most of the time, we’re still able to take responsibility.

Without the light of my own AWARENESS and my own WILLINGNESS to bring upon change and healing, I’m not getting far.

No one else can heal me, not without my permission or my participation.

I am the healer, and I dare to say so are you.

We can ask each other for help when we need it.

But we have to take responsibility for our own healing.

Through all of this, the one who understands me the best and who ultimately carries my answers is: me.

And I guess, the same goes for you.

I’m deeply sorry for all the times I’ve taken and still take for granted that I carry your answers too.

Even this blogpost may be full of advice you don’t need.

Or it may help you carry your own answers forward.


I wonder, please feel free to share:

* How have you found your deepest healing? (physical, emotional, any level…)

and / or

* How has a bad advice or wrong choice helped you find your own answer?



Photo by AlicePopkorn

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