How to release emotions – a tantric approach

Pretty much everyone gets their share of pain and emotional drama in life. Most of us want less of that and more ease and joy in life, but don’t know how to get there.

For example, when we find ourselves in emotional drama (the same drama repeating itself), we are often unconscious of what’s actually happening in our bodies when we are busy being stuck inside our heads. We get lost in REPETETIVE THOUGHT PATTERNS and stories that create the same tensions, pain and dramas again and again.

But as soon as we turn our ATTENTION TO OUR BODIES, we become present in what’s actually happening in the moment and we get a chance to let go of the past, the pain and open up for new possibilities and more joyful experiences in life.


Every now and then, I fall into a strong pattern of misery that I know from so many times before. The thoughts in my mind go on automation and keep feeding a mush of strong and painful emotions. THINKING about it, trying to understand it really DOESN’T HELP (I’ve tried that many times). It only keeps my mind spinning, which include the thoughts that feed my painful emotional state.

Last time it happened, I cried a lot, trying to release my pain. I noticed it didn’t help me out of my miserable state, although I felt some release. Crying in itself is a great releaser of tension and stress, but my mind was stubbornly holding on to the circle of thoughts and didn’t want to let me go into happiness.


So I decided to try conducting my emotions; putting my attention into the body, ignoring the willingness of my mind to stay in my state of misery. I observed sensations blossoming, moving and releasing in my chest and throat and a few minutes later I felt lighter, happier and not so much stuck in the my cage of misery. This simple technique helped me break the vicious circle of painful thoughts and emotions and turned my day around. Some hours later I was back in a more balanced self.


Learning to CONDUCT ENERGY to release emotions and tensions through the BODY, instead of trying to figure everything out in the mind, is very helpful to facilitate more ease, flow, relaxation and joy.

It’s a SIMPLE and POWERFUL technique. As soon as you’ve learned to feel and observe sensations in the body, you can do it.

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You can use the SAME APPROACH in YOGA ASANA (physical poses) practice to dissolve tensions in your body. In yoga asana practice you will consciously put yourself in positions stretching into tense or tender places of stored emotions, stress and unhealthy parts of your lifestyle (sitting on a chair for hours every day? eating junk food and craving sugar? feeling stuck in abusive relationships? not living a life you actually enjoy?). You learn to breathe deeply through physical and emotional discomfort while you’re watching what’s happening in your experience, rather than reacting with withdrawal and distraction from discomfort and emotional pain.

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