I don’t know who I am – reflections on self-inquiry

It’s a common instruction in yoga and meditation practices to do self-inquiry, by observing yourself and asking yourself:



Am I the BODY?


Am I the thoughts?


Am I the emotions?


If I’m not the body, not the thoughts, not the emotions, who am I?


For me, yoga asana (physical poses) practice sometimes brings me to a state of not knowing myself (as I usually know myself). A state of LETTING GO of the images of myself, my usual thoughts and the illusion that I know myself. Letting go, to NOT KNOW who I am. To not know what’s going to happen the next moment. To not know ANYTHING. Staying open to the PRESENT MOMENT EXPERIENCE.

I believe it’s a useful way to approach the practice. Starting with:

I don’t know who I am.

I don’t know what the next moment will bring.

I am just HERE. NOW.


If you find this difficult to do, you can practice exploring the state of not knowing, the open state of “beginner’s mind” when you explore a YOGA POSE. This is especially important when you’ve done the pose a few or many times and believe you know the pose already. Believing you know something shuts the door for new insights. Instead: stay open, LISTEN. When approaching the yoga pose for the thousand time over, say to yourself: “I don’t know this pose. Hmm, interesting, LET ME EXPLORE MYSELF in it”.


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