My mantras to start the year 2017

Act from a place of LOVE


Don’t give your POWER away



That’s enough. And I got more to say about it.

What comes first; standing by yourself or being open for the flow of love, letting it flow in and flow out without the resistance of fear or bitterness?

For me, not giving my power away, learning to take care of and express my needs is the base of relaxing into a place of love.

That’s also the way it is built in the body; the hip-area is connected to my personal power and that part of the body-mind needs to be balanced and stable before the heart-area can fully relax open.

In yoga asana practice, we can find physical imbalances in the body that corresponds to imbalances in the mind/heart, expressed in our lives. Working to balance the entire system of the body, from the feet up, will also balance the mind and your everyday life.


Feel free to share your own personal mantra(s) in the comments below!


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