Owning your space or giving it up

I remember the day, when my niece showed me (again) how to OWN the BODY.
Being self-evident, natural, AS SHE IS.
Owning her body and her VULNERABILITY.

After her noontime nap, when her parents and brother had gone away for some errands, she woke up in a house full of (half-) strangers, grandma the only one she knew closely.

She came into the kitchen, stood there silently, just watching us.
Her big blue, clear and open eyes wandering from stranger to stranger.
She was just standing there, vulnerable and shy, but TOTALLY OWNING HER BODY, her BACK and her SPACE.

She looked like she felt lonely, walked slowly over to her toys and started playing with her toy-farm, dolls and cars and I soon came to play with her. She was all open to connect.

Still owning it. Her body, her space, her WORTH.

Even in that vulnerable time, she was owning it.

My nieces and nephews and now my daughter are some of my greatest teachers and I so love hanging out with them. The PURE life, AUTHENTICITY and SELF-LOVE they are embodying.

I’m learning…

For us adults, let’s get back to basics:

Are you aware of your BODY, the SPACE your body takes up?

Are you IN your body (meaning: is your AWARENESS in the body)? Do you feel your spine, the entire length and energetic POWER OF YOUR SPINE, from the base of the spine up to the top of your head.

The space AROUND your body?

Let’s dive deeper:


How do you know, what’s the “energetic” difference?

Is there an OUTWARDS (invisible) MOVEMENT, shining and expandning or are you SHRINKING, wanting to hide?

Here’s for you to explore (and share your insights if you feel like it!):
1) Put your awareness IN your body, FEEL your entire body, from the toes to the top of your head. Stay in that experience for a minute or so (longer if you want to). Can you also feel the space around you?
2) What’s your current state: are you owning your body, expanding into the space around you or are you withdrawing and shrinking, giving it up or hiding? (It will probably change from moment to moment, depending on the situation you’re in. Just start practicing to be aware of it.)

P.S. Do you allow yourself to be VULNERABLE and showing it to others? I’ll talk more about that and why it’s a good thing in coming blogposts. D.S.

Feel free to post your comments and insights below!


Photo by Enid Yu


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