It’s autumn. Nature’s time for DEATH. Not disappearance, but CHANGE OF FORM. Time to draw your energy back in to restore and RECHARGE. Just like a tree.   All who have ended up in stress-overload or burnout know there’s an […]

Something has to die (What goes up must come down)

Self-love is the BASELINE of true happiness. Deep and unwavering self-love is the foundation of great RELATIONSHIPS, successful and sustainable CAREERS, FUN, RELAXATION and a solid WELL-BEING.   SELF-LOVE… * helps you avoid other peoples’ dramas and manipulations, you won’t let […]

The Self-Love Manifesto

Did they speak about self-love in the 16th century, other than calling out narcissists? Not much I guess, if at all. They probably had enough only surviving. Personal and collective development was at another level at that time I assume. […]

Self-LOVE – is it necessary?

Breathing keeps us alive. That’s a baseline. If you want MORE THAN JUST STAYING ALIVE, read on.   HOW you breathe is directly connected to your physical and mental/emotional state. It WORKS BOTH WAYS; your state affects your breathing & […]

BREATHING is essential (Breathe, my friend, breathe!)

Pretty much everyone gets their share of pain and emotional drama in life. Most of us want less of that and more ease and joy in life, but don’t know how to get there. For example, when we find ourselves […]

How to release emotions – a tantric approach

Michael One of my appreciated meditation/yoga teachers died a few days ago, way too young. He had been struggling with mania and depression his entire life, and died from trying to self-medicate with drugs. His name was Michael Stone, a […]

Can yoga fix everything?

Listen inwards. Hear your innermost heart whispering and take her seriously. That’s your way home. Your thoughts, your belongings, your self-image and identity; don’t take them too seriously. If you do, you’ll surely get lost. Follow your heart. She’ll lead […]

Are you serious?

When I was new to yoga, I was searching for THE authentic yoga. For the first few years I thought that the yoga I was practicing was “THE REAL THING”, and then I found another real thing. And another. Many […]

Authentic yoga? Or; does modern yoga work?

I seldom mention enlightenment and spiritual aspects of yoga when I teach yogasana/yoga asana (physical poses practice). Not because it’s irrelevant to me, but I believe staying on the gross physical level of existence lowers the risk of students getting […]

Yogasana and the Path to Enlightenment