Self-LOVE – is it necessary?

Did they speak about self-love in the 16th century, other than calling out narcissists?

Not much I guess, if at all. They probably had enough only surviving. Personal and collective development was at another level at that time I assume. We could ask history experts and dive deeper into this matter, but I save that one and try to get to my point.

The reason I bring up historical times is because I believe in human development, and I believe we become more and more aware and awake to what needs to be addressed if we want to save the world from the atrocities of conflict and the ignorance leading to destruction of this planet.

(By the way, when I speak about self-love, I do not mean narcissism. Narcissism is a neurosis, a hang-up of the mind. Self-love is more a bodily thing and a NATURAL STATE.)

First, why should we even care about self-love? Isn’t self-love just an airy-fairy word with no real meaning? (I used to think so, before I understood the depth and the HUGE importance of self-love.)

After a few years of attending yoga and tantra classes, workshops and retreats, I started to see the massive implications of self-love and how my automated self-talk (my inner belief system) was nothing but self-loving.

I have changed and I still change, thank God. Mainly, but not solely, through committed yoga practice. YOGA has AWAKENED me to LOVE. Unconditional love, not admiration, fear of loneliness, co-dependence and so on (that yoga helps me become aware of and free myself from).

Yoga opens up for the experience of love from within. SELF-LOVE, love (for OTHERS), SAME THING, just love.

So: the massive implications of self-love…  I even wrote a self-love manifesto.

This is not only my experience, there is research being done on the importance of self-love and self-compassion.


Stay tuned for coming blogposts and webinars on self-love; what is it really and can it be practiced?


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