Something has to die (What goes up must come down)

It’s autumn.

Nature’s time for DEATH.

Not disappearance, but CHANGE OF FORM.

Time to draw your energy back in to restore and RECHARGE. Just like a tree.


All who have ended up in stress-overload or burnout know there’s an end to always being in activity-production-keeping it up-mode. DISEASE is our chance to become SANE, to understand we need BALANCE.

And DEATH is the supporter of LIFE.

First of all, GRATITUDE. The grace of being gifted with another day, being ALIVE in this BODY.

I know, one day I have to die. But now, I’m alive. Hallelujah! Jai!




Restore what has drifted out of balance


Let go of what no longer serves you.


This autumn, I will attend teacher trainings in line with more stillness; Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Somatic and Tantric Meditation. I’m looking forward to exploring the depths of these very still practices, as I’ve spent most of my life in a very active high-energy (burnout-) mode.

Now it’s time for my inner autumn and winter, I’ve always resisted letting them in.


In my autumn process, I also took my shame to the cemetery.

Shame may have served me once upon a very long time. Thank you for that, but now you have to go.

I longed to let go of that shame ‘cause I was wholeheartedly sick and tired of it. It may still come back and want my attention, hopefully I’ll be aware of it and let it go, again and again until it stops coming back on unsolicited visits.


In this process, it hit me; I can’t reach my highest goals with the mindset of what I was yesterday.

Something just has to die.

For me, right now, that something is shame.


What about you? How’s your (inner) autumn?


Something has to die.

What part of your mindset or habits do you have to let go of in order to reach the place where you want to be?




Photo by seyed mostafa zamani

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