Sun Salutation classic style

This Surya Namaskar (Sanskrit for Sun Salutation) is the sun salutation flow I find the most effective to awaken and unite my body-mind-spirit energy, smoothen the energyflow and make my body feel comfortable. When I do sun salutations by themselves, and not mixed with other poses like in a vinyasa flow series, I prefer this variation of sun salutation.

Sun Salutations:

  • are great starters for yoga practice at home & makes a short and sweet morning yoga practice
  • tune the chakras; the energy-centers in the body-mind-spirit centered along the spine in the physical body
  • increase the energy-flow through the systems of the body
  • facilitates relaxation and heightened awareness
  • helps keep the body strong, flexible and healthy

Please, always practice with care, attention and responsibility. Consult your doctor, physical therapist or yourself to check if this practice is suitable for you.



Ok, now welcome to dive into practice of yoga to reach the state of YOGA!

(Psst! Sorry for the no-pro audio, I’m working on the tech-parts.)


(For the yoga-nerds and questioning students: If you’ve been to my vinyasa yoga class you may have noticed that I don’t teach this sun salutation like this in vinyasa class, because the classic flow and the vinyasa flow have different qualities and methods that don’t go together perfectly. Using this variation of sun salutation would make the linking to other postures in vinyasa flow more difficult. Nevertheless, I do use the hip-opening lunge variation and knee-chest-chin from this sun salutation in my classes.)