The Self-Love Manifesto

Self-love is the BASELINE of true happiness.

Deep and unwavering self-love is the foundation of great RELATIONSHIPS, successful and sustainable CAREERS, FUN, RELAXATION and a solid WELL-BEING.



* helps you avoid other peoples’ dramas and manipulations, you won’t let others take advantage of you.

* helps you know your value in relationships; you won’t put up with any abuse or disrespect as you know deeply that you’re worthy of love and care.

* supports you at work; you know your value and won’t accept unfair games, manipulation, being bossed around or treated badly.

* helps you through difficult times, when you’re challenged by loss and grief.

* helps eliminate performance anxiety and fear of failure.

* boosts your creativity.

* helps eliminate fear.

* supports you to overcome addictions and emotional eating.

* helps eliminate stress; you won’t let other people or circumstances make you feel inadequate.

* helps you get in better shape as you want to take the best care of your body, health and general well-being so you eat healthier, give yourself rest and everyday movement that makes you come alive and feel good!

* fights disease as you’re supporting and caring for yourself, body and emotions.

* enhances your beauty and looks as you express your self-love through taking care of your body, and allow yourself to shine without shame.

* boosts your sex-life as you’ll only accept a loving and caring approach, plus: you know you’re so amazing you have to be celebrated! And you’ll cherish and enjoy your lover more, seeing how equally amazing she/he is.


What kind of SELF-LOVE?

When I talk about self-love, I embrace many flavors of it, which also includes; self-compassion, self-acceptance, self-kindness and self-respect. If you have flavors to add to your self-love: feel free! 🙂


Stay tuned for coming blogposts and webinars on self-love; what is it really and can it be practiced?


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