The Space Between your Thoughts – How to HAVE or SAVE a Shitty Day

Sometimes I believe that my clear, true and feeling INTENTION will make the Universe deliver what I want. That there really is something about the Law of Attraction. Like if I’m having a great day or a shitty day, it’s my own RESPONSIBILITY. Although I’m not sure it’s that way.

So, I’m not sure how much I can INFLUENCE what happens in my life, but I do know 2 things for (more) sure:

1. I have responsibility for my (RE)ACTIONS to what happens.

I can train myself to CHOOSE to act (or not), instead of automatically reacting, being a slave of circumstances, my past and what shape I’m in. To act on challenges in ways that serves me and the people around me.

(I KNOW! It’s not that easy. I’ll soon tell you how to approach this problem.)

2. My THOUGHTS have an immense impact on my experience of life.

Negative thoughts spiral me down, and whatever happens that day; I’ll feel shitty about it any way.

The same goes for you, most likely.

So that’s how to HAVE a shitty day; think negative thoughts. The negative thoughts we’re thinking are not (entirely) in our field of awareness, but operating underneath the surface of the conscious mind. And they most often, if not always, go on repeat. That’s why we end up feeling bad in the same way so often.

Ok, you get this, intellectually. But how does it work in real life, to really change your thoughts and reactions, to CONSCIOUSLY impact your life?

How to SAVE a shitty day

Here’s how to SAVE that shitty day; WATCH your mind going on about the shittyness of everything, observe how you feel, and take another step back (from your thoughts). Watch the shitty situation and have yourself a laugh at it. You may as well be happy. If you find the negative thoughts not really serving you, you have the option to think differently. Try on another thought that might make you feel good. Just see what happens.

I’m not – at all! – talking about overriding feelings of sorrow, anger, disappointment etc, trying to stifle them with jaunty, “positive” affirmations. I’m just saying that if there’s enough space in your mind-body to be able to watch your thoughts, you have the OPTION to think differently if that serves you better.

The CHALLENGE here is becoming AWARE enough to be able to watch your thoughts and reactions. That may take a lot of practice. The body-mind needs to settle down from stress (when the “fight-and-flight” (sympathetic) part of the autonomic nervous system is turned on) to a calm state where the mind is more clear.

I can’t stop myself from falling into negative thinking and habitual behavior, HOW can I change this?

Both physical yoga practice and seated meditation are great ways to practice being aware of your thoughts and also methods of restoring the nervous system to a calm state, when there is more space and clarity in the mind. There is also something happening in yoga practice that leaves your BODY in a spacious state where there is space enough in your SYSTEM for you to be able to see and stop the automatic reactions that you usually fall into, and chose something different.

Yoga isn’t a quick-fix, it requires regular practice to experience the more transformative effects.

Nevertheless, you can start out small.

If you’re interested in MEDITATION, you can sign up below to download my instructions for a simple breath meditation. With this meditation, you’ll train your awareness, calm your body-mind, and with practice, start seeing your thoughts more clearly. You can do this meditation for one breath, 5 minutes, or whatever suits you. I recommend to do this meditation the first thing you do in the morning, before breakfast. Or in the evening, before dinner. (Eating can disturb your clarity of mind and ability to relax, that’s why you’d better do yoga and meditation before eating.)

If you’re more into physical YOGA exercises to create more space in the body-mind, you can also sign up to get the Mini Yoga Break that you can do anywhere. Recommended at work, just before lunch or in the morning, before breakfast.

If you want to do physical yoga practice and meditation in one go; do physical yoga first and meditation after.

Hope this serves you well!







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